• June 3, 2024
  • Apotex

Apotex Completes Acquisition of Searchlight, a leading Canadian-based Specialty Innovative Branded Pharmaceutical Company

Acquisition marks a significant step in Apotex’s growth strategy, advancing its position as a preferred Health Partner of Choice in the Americas.

TORONTO, June 3, 2024 – Apotex Inc. (“Apotex” or the “Company”) today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Searchlight Pharma Inc. (“Searchlight”), a leading Canadian specialty innovative branded pharmaceutical company. This acquisition accelerates the company’s growth within the specialty innovative branded pharmaceutical market, reaffirming Apotex’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to patients and consumers around the world. Searchlight is now operating as the Specialty Pharma Division of Apotex and will be led by Mark Nawacki, President of Searchlight.

Apotex’s expertise in generic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals, combined with Searchlight’s strong specialty and innovative branded product portfolio, enhances the company’s position as a pharmaceutical powerhouse in Canada. “This strategic move aligns with our vision to better serve patients and consumers along their health journey by adding a diverse portfolio of value add and specialty innovative branded products,” stated Allan Oberman, President and CEO of Apotex. “We are pleased to welcome Searchlight to the Apotex team and look forward to leveraging the synergies between our teams to accelerate our continued growth.”

On May 24, 2024, Apotex entered its 50th year of business, marking a significant achievement rooted in improving patient access to affordable medicines. For five decades, Apotex has consistently expanded access to complex health products and remains committed to creating new products that address unmet medical needs, facilitating improved global access to essential pharmaceuticals. “Building on our 50-year legacy, this acquisition supports our renewed strategic focus to diversify beyond traditional generic pharmaceuticals, positioning Apotex as a Health Partner of Choice in the Americas,” added Mr. Oberman.

About Apotex Inc.

Apotex is a Canadian-based global health company with a portfolio of generic, biosimilar, and innovative branded pharmaceutical products that meet a broad set of patient and consumer needs. Headquartered in Toronto, with regional offices globally, including in the United States, Mexico and India, and an extensive international distribution network, Apotex has led the Canadian generic pharmaceutical market for decades. As the largest Canadian-based pharmaceutical company and a health partner of choice for pharmaceutical licensing and product acquisitions, Apotex delivers high-quality, affordable and complex medicines around the world. Apotex is a portfolio company of SK Capital Partners.  Learn more Apotex’s  commitment over the last 50 years to improve everyday access to innovative medicines and health products at www.apotex.com.