• September 4, 2020
  • Archroma

Archroma featured among the “50 Climate Leaders” supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Archroma was recently featured among the “50 Climate Leaders” supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which was featured on Bloomberg: 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

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From air pollution and water shortage to natural disasters prompted by climate change, the threats facing the environment are numerous and across industries. We can no longer continue to operate in a status-quo, business-as-usual manner.

Archroma, a global specialty color and chemical manufacturer who serves industries such as textile, apparel, packaging, paper, paints or construction, knows this all too well.

Archroma has around about 3,000 employees who are present in 35 countries with 25 production sites. The company sells into 110-115 countries globally.

In an industry ingrained with the use of fossil fuel-based raw materials, they are encouraging a paradigm shift across their operations to move with their customer towards a more progressive, sustainable way of thinking.

They call it “The Archroma Way: Safe, efficient, enhanced. It’s our nature”.

Textiles is probably considered as the second most polluting industry globally, and it is a complex industry with very many stakeholders, where change can often be very slow.

The company shares with us the Tale of Two Cities – Jamshoro, Pakistan and Castellbisbal, Spain – where that paradigm shift is happening.

The Archroma teams in Jamshoro and Castellbisbal are incredibly committed to explore new technologies and develop innovations that change the way we create colors and effects in our everyday clothing.

In Jamshoro, you will hear about Archroma’s sustainable effluent treatment system, probably the first of its kind in the textile industry, allowing the company to operate with zero discharge to the environment  – and to supply clean, fresh drinking water to the local community in an area fast moving from being water stressed towards water scarce.

The company also developed in Jamshoro Denisol® Pure Indigo, a new synthetic indigo dye that is free* of one of the impurities found in indigo: aniline, a component that is harmful to the workers who are producing denim, and also for aquatic life.

While business as usual is going to take a while to eradicate and there’s still so much more to be done in the battle against climate crisis, Archroma’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is helping to start the paradigm shift.

Innovation should focus on preserving our planet, because after all, as the team at Archroma like to say: “It’s our nature.”